Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?

Mother Oláh

Mother Oláh is a retired woman, now a grandmother, who should already be beyond her parental responsibilities. She once fought the battles of parenting, but life brought her to a situation where she has to be a mother again.

Mom Oláh’s son and the mother of their five children were not considered competent by the authorities  to raise their children, so finally, Mother Oláh was appointed to take their place and be their legal guardian. The children are between the ages of 9 and 19, with four girls and a boy. The grandmother who herself is struggling with lots of illnesses cannot rely on any kind of financial resources apart from the low sum of family allowance due each month. Her grandchildren are doing well at school and are kept so clean and properly dressed by their grandmother that no one could tell the poor conditions they live in. Several social institutions work with the family, including us, as without institutional help their monthly expenses would exceed revenues even more drastically.

Mother Oláh s eldest granddaughter (then a girl of 17) became a victim of human trafficking. Thank God although broken and wounded she was finally able to return home. Her baby was soon born. The baby too is now being raised and taken care of without a father. The arrival of a new life is always a joy. Still the financial situation of the family has thus become even more limited.

That is why we kindly ask you now to help Mother Olah, her grand-children and great-granddaughter if you can, to help make their hard daily lives easier!


In her case too, regular fixed-amount donations are the biggest help, as predictability is very important for any family. If you would like to help her in this way, please send you support to our account number. Indicate in the announcement section how often and for how long you intend to support Mother Oláh. Of course, one-time donations are also received with gratitude


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Please contact our service if you would like to “adopt” a family or need more information! 

Our e-mail address is info@csakegyet.hu

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