Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?


Róbert is a gentle and benevolent man in his fifties. His introverted nature did not prevent this agile and docile man from trying himself out on many areas of life. He worked as a waiter, as a shop assistant but also as a film cameraman, for which he obtained the necessary exams while working! He struggled himself up to the point where he was ableto work for years as a documentary filmmaker for the biggest film producing company in the country.

His calvary began when he turned to a naturopath with his neck complaints. The medicine the man prescribed turned out to have serious side effects. Gyula, once a particularly strong man, today is  unable to even lift a gas can! Consequently he lost his job that resulted in the loss of income, so the poor man in the end had to sell his apartment, to be able to survive… 

At the moment, he lives in a poorly heated storage room. He is not able to pay the rent even for that, as the wage received for the work he is doing is not enough to cover both his housing and medicines...

Robert lives alone, his relatives are dead and he has no family of his own. This selfless, helpful man one time used to read stories for  blind children as a volunteer at the Institute for the Blind.

Now that he no longer has the strength, he needs our help so that at least the storage space that has been given to him as his home, can remain for him.

Please send your support to our account number. Indicate in the message section: “Róbert” 


EFRATA Foundation 11719001 - 20322546

From abroad: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 0000 0000 SWIFT OTPVHUHB


Please contact our service if you would like to adopt Róbert or need more information. Our email address is info@csakegyet.hu

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