Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?


Sára is a 35 year old woman, raising her 10-year-old son and two one-year-old twins alone. She works as a cleaning lady in a school. They have not had any major difficulties in the last 7 years, as they have been able to live in a rented room at a reasonable price.

Now this apartment has been sold. Luckily, they found a place in a maternity home, which usually requires a much longer waiting period,  but this time they managed to find a place for them relatively quickly. A maternity home is always a huge help in a crisis, but it cannot be considered a definitive solution. With time Sára wants to get back to a rented room again. She continues to work hard to do so, still she will benefit from any financial help she can get. The social workers at the maternity home will help her to save money for the future sublet.

In her case, regular fixed-amount donations are the biggest help, as predictability is very important for any family. If you would like to help her in this way, please send you support to our account number. Indicate in the announcement section how often and for how long you intend to support Sára. Of course, one-time donations are also received with gratitude.

But in whatever form you send help, the name "Sarah" should be included in the announcement.


Name: EFRATA Foundation

Account number: 11719001 - 20322546

From abroad: IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 0000 0000 SWIFT OTPVHUHB 

Please contact our service if you would like to adopt a family or need more information! Our e-mail address is info@csakegyet.hu

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