Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?


If you would like to help a fragile woman who really had a hard life for the last 50 years, please support Vilma and her family. Their expenses are much higher than their overall monthly income, so the installment to be paid each month is  too big a burden for Vilma. 

Also she lives together with her daughter who as an addict, is not alwys capable of taking care of her 2 children and provide adequate care for them.  Day live on a day – to - day basis, in extremely difficult conditions. 

If you wish to help her pls.send your support to our account number:


IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 0000 0000           SWIFT OTPVHUHB

Pls in the statement column indicate her name (Vilma) and also, (if you wish to support her for a longer period) how long time  you intend to help her

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