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Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

We were present at the International Eucharistic Congress

We participated in the Congress with the spiritual foundation of our mission and its founding organisation the New Jerusalem Catholic Community, especially at the Holy Masses and IEC Family Day

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?


Gábor, who wants to stay on the right track

One day Gábor came in to us - a short man in his forties with a tired look on his face. When our social worker colleague asked him about his life, he responded briefly about his childhood: "It was very rough " His father, when he was not in prison, sold balloons in Budapest's City Park. The adults didn't despise drinking, so Gábor, who had to grow up in it, can't stand the smell of it today. He was 17 when he was left on his own, and from then on he was raised on the streets. Bad company, several imprisonments, that was how he spent his youth. 

A lot of time had to pass, a lot of things had to be left behind, but he re-evaluated things. Now his own family comes first and he understands  the huge responsibility of fatherhood. He has now three children, the youngest is five. If he has to, he works for them day and night. "I'm glad I can do it," he says. His mother, who abandoned him in his childhood, has no interest in the grandchildren either. Even if Gábor didnt ask much of her, just to come up occasionally and stroke and kiss the little ones. So they have no support from their family, even if they are many living in the same household. Erzsi Gábor's partner unfortunately has not been able to work for some time. She is presumably suffering from severe depression. Gábor and Erzsi have been together for almost three decades. Together they raise a 15-year-old teenager and a hyperactive five-year-old. Gábor's eldest son will be 21, he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby and are trying to move separately. 


He met God in prison. He was not in the company of people who would have encouraged him on this path, but when he was released he began to deepen his faith. He prayed for work and was offered a job where he has been working ever since. He has a Christian boss and his co-workers are believers. He was attracted by their example, the balanced and peaceful life they lived. A friend invited him to church twice, and the third time he didn't say no. He was very impressed and was later baptised.  This had a formative effect on his whole family, and soon his daughter and her partner were baptised too. Erzsi and him are now preparing to join their lives together in the presence of God. 


So Gábor's life is on track, but he is still paying the price of an earlier slip-up. Five years ago he took out a loan. He loves the company he works for, but his salary has been put on a 50% freeze because of it. Over the years, it has accumulated to four million forints and there is no chance of repaying it given their current means. The reason by the way to taking out this loan was to 'fix up' the flat: they have renovated it, had a counter made, but now he wishes they hadn't. The family's life is very restricted because of it.. 

He trusts in God's providence. He is grateful just to be in touch with our Misssion. 

Gábor and his family are currently living on a salary of HUF 100.000,- and two family allowances for the four of them. 

We are therefore recruiting supporters for Gábor and his family, so that they  can maintain stability and get out of this debt spiral. Both onetime and regular grants make a big difference. Trusting in the strength of the community, we ask you to help Gábor and his family with your donations if you can! 


Our cooperation with Gábor within our Lift up progaram started the 8th of October 2021.

Funding goals: 

  • Window renovation: HUF 400.000,-t;
  • Purchase of kitchen cabinets: HUF 50.000,-;
  • Convector repair:  amount unknown at the moment;
  • support for weekdays: free, based on donations from supporters.


In case of support, please write "GÁBOR" in the message!


Bank account number of the ONLY ONE MISSION FOUNDATION: 11719001-20322546 (OTP Bank). 

From abroad:  IBAN HU 87 1171 9001 2032 2546 0000 0000    



Thank you very much for your help.


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