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Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

We were present at the International Eucharistic Congress

We participated in the Congress with the spiritual foundation of our mission and its founding organisation the New Jerusalem Catholic Community, especially at the Holy Masses and IEC Family Day

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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Why financial help is important?

What kind of people come to us?

What kind of people come to us?

Among our guests you will find the representatives of all layers of Hungarian society. Although some of them have high degrees, most are uneducated. Many times they don’ t even have a job.

Quite a few of our clients also fight with some form of mental illness, or psychiatric problems. Many of them are handicapped in several fields of their lives.

 It is appalling to see that more than half of our guests are NOT homeless in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, only one tenth of them actually live on the streets, whereas most do have some kind of an accommodation. It is simply because they don't have the financial means to live that they turn to us.



Loans with incredibly high interest, high costs for medicine, an addict in the family, or just losing one’s job are often reasons enough to become marginalized in Hungarian society. It also often happens that if someone loses his job because of sickness or injury, another member of his family also has to quit in order to care for the disabled person. The amount they receive by the state as nursing fee is often so small it is not even enough to pay the rent.

As many of our visitors are of Gipsy origin, during our job we also have the possibility to see the courageous fight many Gipsy families have to face every day in Hungary. Low salaries, suspicion, rejection, employers who refuse to pay for the work done – are just some of the crosses they bear every day. We try to help by finding jobs for them, so that they can pay for medicines and - to a limited extent - settle their bills.

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