Hope in the midst of hopelessness

Hope in the midst of hopelessness

The smallest amount can help a lot!

The smallest amount can help a lot!

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It happened recently 

A nice-looking woman in her forties turns to me in the supermarket where we both stand in the que, her face radiant with joy. ”Do you remeber me?”, she asks.                                                                                                                            Actually I do not, although she looks a bit familiar. ”Well...”, I say politely.  Remember”, she says.  ”The two of you prayed over me... I was the one who got her handbag stolen...” Now I remember. Some months ago, in Budapest’s Széll Kálmán square she came up to us during a street evangelisation. Touched by the Holy Spirit she asked for prayer. Later on she came to visit us in our Social Center where we also talked with her for a longer time. She then  told us that she has lost her job couple of months ago and now also her handbag got stolen with all her papers, cards etc. in it. She felt everything was finished. So we prayed over her again. Afterwards   obviously somewhat relieved, she left.

 Days and then months  had passed, new people new tasks came, there were new ministries to take part in, so gradually the whole story (and the face of the woman in it) faded away. But now she is standing in front of me with this radiant warm smile on her face. She is  telling me the big news: ”Now, I’ve got a job.” And she adds proudly:  ”I work now in a travel bureau here in Budapest. (It’s very difficult to find a job here nowadays. She had tried to find one for months, in vain.) ”Also my bag was found” she adds happily. ” True, the was not  in it,  but the papers I needed so much were there...”

I am also overwhelmed by joy. God has heard our prayer! He touched this woman’s heart and answered her prayers! Still the little devil inside me cannot stay silent: ”Now she’s got what she wanted, and from now on she’ll live like a pagan again!” he whispers to my ears. Thus I ask in a rather cold way (in a rather old way):  ”And what about the Lord?” „Oh, I pray every day!” she says. And pointing at her handbag she adds: „I have the Bible you gave me, with me every day.”               

Her face is shining. It lightens up this unbelieving, heavy heart of mine. Yes,  once again it turned out to be true: once we ask, we are given.  



The girl (or rather, the young woman) that came to us one morning about a month ago, has just graduated from university where she has studied social work. Untill now she couldn’t find work in this country where unemployment is high. By now she would take any kind of job from wash dishing to cleaning up toilets. Still, untill now she couldn’t find any.
She is broken. Her eyes are full of worry. ”I am afraid of Life” she says during our first conservation. All her fragile being shows what she says is true. Within a week she even has to move from the apartment she rents, we find later on. As she has no income she is not able to pay the rent anymore. Her parents cannot help. Neither can the state. She looks lost. We speak about God about the possibility of experiencing his Providence and his Guidence once we offer our lives to the Lord. We speak of own experience. The presence of the Lord is there among us as we start praying for her life and she asks Jesus to come to her Heart.
In a week time or so she drops in to tell us that she feels something has changed. She now feels joy inside, the fears are gone. She now prays regularly and she reads the Bible.
Next time she just comes for prayer.
Within two weeks she both finds a job and her housing problem gets solved!
The greatest thing in Life has happened to her. She has met the love her Creator. Miracles are happening among us!








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