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Our success stories

Here are some of the results we have achieved through our Lift Up! program so far. The content of this section will be continuously updated; we will try to add photos as well wherever possible.Thank you for following the progress of your beneficiary!



The cooperation between David and Only One Mission commenced on the 4th of January 2022. One of David's goals was to renovate parts of his home. Thanks to our donors and the Lift Up! program, he successfully had his old front door replaced. Not only does his new front door perform way better in terms of thermal insulation, but now his home looks much more aesthetically pleasing from the outside than earlier as well! A big „Thank you!” for each of our supporters!



Ildiko was enrolled in our Lift Up! program on the 1st of September 2022, but our cooperation with the mother in need goes back more than ten years. In the first months of year 2023, donations wired for her through us were sufficient to cover the cost of repairing a burst pipe in her bathroom. The repair cost amounted to 280 000 HUF and the family received a new, well-functioning tap. Many thanks to our supporters!



Mary signed the support contract with Only One Mission on the 6th of October 2022 within the framework of our Lift Up! program, however, the collaboration between us has been going on for years. We have completed several successful projects together, which are detailed below:

1. Donations received from our benefactors enabled us to successfully have the front door of their flat (rented from the local Council) replaced in early 2020.

2. The same year, Mary underwent a long-awaited tooth replacement in March; related expenses were covered by donations received from our supporters.

3. Donations received from our benefactors enabled us to successfully have the windows of their flat (rented from the local Council) replaced in late 2020.

4. Upon joining the Lift Up! program, one of Mary's goals was to let her child obtain a driving licence. With the help of our donors, we raised 300,000 HUF, which enabled him to pass his driving test and he is currently doing his driving practice. Many thanks to our supporters!

 5. Mary's other goal was to paint her apartment, for which we raised 300.000 HUF with the help of our Lift Up! program donors. The actual painting is scheduled for the summer of 2023; we are going to upload pictures about the event as soon as it is done. Many thanks to our supporters!



The misery of Evike commenced some twenty years ago, when she took a loan to help a relative. She trusted him, so she didn't even mind that her house was used as collateral. Initially everything was fine, but over time the relative stopped transferring repayment installments. As a result, her bank started freezing her salary payments in 2011 and subsequently, her house was auctioned off in 2017; she had nowhere to go. She spent her nights in a homeless shelter for six years, took a job at a fast food restaurant and - hoping for a better future - she contacted Only One Mission, where we decided to take up her case through our Lift Up! program and signed a support contract with her on the 1st of November 2022. Since then, she managed to find a flat to rent and our organization successfully raised funds to furnish it modestly. Nevertheless, future donations are welcome to help cover her monthly housing expenses. We are delighted to see that by moving to her rented flat, this tenacious lady in her seventies is now given the chance to live a decent life again! Many thanks to our supporters!

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