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We know that helping well is not easy. We have faced this many times. If you want to help effectively, you can do it through Only One Mission. With more than 10 years of experience, we provide professional and personalized support to those who come to us, targeting the areas of need. When you support us, you support those who come to us for help.

You can support our mission in many ways. We have put together 12+1 ways for you to help. Some of them require nothing more than your faith and time. Some of them just take a few clicks, yet can change lives. And some of them you can see the fruit of on your shelf or in your bag if you buy them.

For example, if you click on the button below, you can find out how you can help us with two kinds of leaflets. You can use one of them to invite people in need who come to you on the street to our social aid centre. With the other, you can spread the word about Only One Mission to people who would like to support a good cause.

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Here is how you can help:

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