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How do we help?

We strive to provide individual help for all homeless and needy people, from the reception desk to meals and pastoral care.

We offer our guests 3+1 major areas of service:
(1) basic services, i.e. everything that a shelter is obliged to provide; (2) social and charitable services, i.e. casework and charitable assistance through a social worker; (3) spiritual, psychological and community support, providing professional care and a sense of belonging; (4) support programmes based on specific criteria.

If you need help, contact us with confidence on the issue you most want to move forward in your life.

Our team is available every weekday (except holidays) from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at our centre on the corner of Király and Izabella streets in the 6th district of Budapest.

If you would like to donate to us, i.e. support one of our activities, find out more details and click on the I help donation button!

This is how we help:

Here you can find out in which areas we can help a person in need.
If you need help, take a look at the details of how you can use our services and contact us! We are happy to help anyone we can.
If you would like to support us, please make a donation to help us provide the services and support you prefer!

Spiritual help, community life, religious and spiritual commitment

We hold a weekly Bible-based prayer session and a worship prayer meeting for our guests, which is usually joined by our supporters, volunteers, staff. In fact, anyone can participate. It is within this spiritual commitment that we strive to organize the monthly celebration of public Mass in our centre. A key part of our mission is cooperation based on personal relationship, which we also strengthen through spiritual conversation, intercessory prayer and prayer partnerships.

Bible study

Together with our guests, every week on Tuesdays, we hold an hour of prayer where we meditate on Scripture in community and address God in our own words. Through the touch of the Holy Spirit and in the silence of prayer, we can hear God's invitation and respond by surrendering our lives to Him. This is the first step on the road to conversion. Through regular prayer, we recognise God's presence in our lives, which nourishes and strengthens our relationship with God, accompanying us on the path to discipleship. We recognise God's merciful love for us and for our fellow human beings, and in this atmosphere of mutual trust, we begin to find inner order, to build our self-esteem and vision, to strengthen our faith and commitment. This hour of prayer is usually diversified by a volunteer with praise music accompanied by guitar.

Prayer leader: Krisztina Harmath
Time: Tuesday, 10:00-11:00 am

Prayer of praise

Our worship prayers are held on Thursdays. We come together to praise God and give thanks, following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each time a scripture passage is read out and guests are presented with a short reflection based on the text. The closing prayer is the blessing of Aaron, with which we send each other on our way.

Leader of the prayer of praise: András Várnagy
Time: Thursday, 10:00-11:00 am.

Intercessory prayer

We also offer intercessory prayer to strengthen our guests after the prayer meetings and praises. Our guests can ask our assisting colleagues to intercede in prayer with them, for them and for their intentions.

Supporting staff: Krisztina Harmath, András Várnagy, György Barta
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays after the usual prayers between 11:00 and 12:00 am.

Counseling sessions

Counseling with our mental health staff is available. The basis of these meetings is mutual openness and attention, accepting love and trust, where our guests have the opportunity to talk about the difficulties of their life situation and receive help for the edification of their souls in the light of the Gospel.

Supporting staff: Krisztina Harmath, András Várnagy, György Barta
Duration: 45 minutes (60 minutes if necessary)
Time: personally, by appointment

Prayer- partners

For those who come to us in need, we try to build an ever stronger network of sustenance ( in addition to our financial support schemes) through our spiritual support services. A personal form of this, which requires perseverance, is the prayer- partner ministry. It is the ministry of those acquaintances and patrons, in whose hearts the Creator has planted the desire to turn to Him in regular prayer and to carry the intentions of others on their life's journey. For many of our guests, it is not only a support but an encouragement that there are those who gladly pray for them and with them, proclaiming the joy of Christ. We welcome applications from our guests and prayer ministers here.

Supporting staff: András Várnagy

Holy Mass and confession

We organize a monthly Holy Mass in the centre of our Mission, the place that is the stable setting for the daily lives of our guests. We also provide an opportunity for confession in the half hour before the celebration of the Eucharist. There is, of course, an opportunity for altar service and Holy Communion during the Mass. These celebrations are open to all and all are welcome to attend. Immediately after the Mass, we invite everyone to an informal discussion with an agape.

Date: the date of the next Holy Mass can be found in the Current news and events block.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

We also offer the possibility of silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. In the presence of the Eucharist, we spend an hour of silent prayer in preparation for the coming feast. As for all of us, and especially for our guests, silence is a precious thing, where you can feel accepted, understood and loved by God as you are. The source of our human dignity comes from God, a source to which we return from time to time here at the Mission - and these occasions are open. We welcome all who would like to join us for a short hour in the richness of the poorest of the poor.

Adoration is led by Dénes Zarka, permanent Deacon of St. Teresa of Avila Parish Church in Budapest.
Supporting staff: András Várnagy
Date: the date of the next Adoration can be found in the Current news and events block.

Preparation for receiving the Sacraments

Preparation for the reception of the Sacraments and preparing those who wish to grow in their faith is carried out by Katalin Sipos, a teacher of Religious Education in our Mission. The Sacraments are administered during the Holy Mass by Dr. Tamás Udvardy, the parish priest of the Holy Family parish church nearby, at Szondi Street. In the first step of the classes our guests are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and First Communion, while preparation for Confirmation can take place after a personal conversation.

Instructor: Katalin Sipos
Time: Tuesday, 12:30-13:30 pm


Besides this, we gather weekly to pray the rosary. Our guests were the initiators of this communal prayer meeting and have been faithfully present as leaders of the decades ever since. We try to offer different forms of prayer to our guests individually, and it is a joy to see men and women praying this prayer, dear to Our Lady, together in gratitude. We welcome all those who would like to join in prayer with our brothers and sisters in need.

Rosary prayer meeting leader: Krisztina Harmath
Time: Monday, from 12:30 to 01:15 p.m.

Carrying prayer intentions

Grateful thanks to all those who personally or with their community are bearing the prayer intentions collected in our Mission. The hands clasped in prayer unite us in spirit, so that together, in community, we can lift up to Christ the requests, resolutions and intentions that we gather at the beginning of the month from those who participate in our prayer meetings and praises. Let us pray together, for each other! We welcome applications to the prayer network from individuals or communities who wish to make a commitment.

Supporting staff: Krisztina Harmath

Creative workshop

Our guests, volunteers and colleagues have worked together to create the works that decorate our centre. Our creative workshop programme gives participants the opportunity to draw, paint and create the forms that resonate within them, reinforcing the values of conscious living. The sessions are thematically structured and the creative processes are accompanied by music, in a very good atmosphere and in informal discussions. Some of our guests' works can be viewed in the Pictures of Life section of our website.- We welcome applications from guests who like to express their inner thoughts and emotions on paper and who like to learn new creative techniques.

Creativity workshop leader:: Krisztina Harmath
Supporting staff: Larissza Kánia


We have a bookshelf of entertaining, scientific and spiritual books for our guests. Many people are happy to read. A good novel, a thought-provoking short story, or even a funny comic is refreshing to the soul, and spiritual readings nourish one's journey of faith growth and life restoration.

f you have books at home that can be donated, are in really good condition and are mentally and spiritually inspiring or edifying, your donation is welcome.

Supporting staff: Krisztina Harmath

Provision of religious objects

Thanks be to God, many of our guests come to us asking for Holy Bibles, rosaries, holy pictures, prayer books. We are delighted that with the help of our supporters we have been able to offer such spiritual support to many. “The prayer of the one who is spoken to in solitude can thus be strengthened by many.” We are also pleased to announce that we welcome your support in kind or in cash throughout the year. If you are interested in more details, feel free to contact our colleague! If you would like to donate immediately, please click on the Help button!

Supporting staff: András Várnagy

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